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LOLCats video

Dunno if this has been posted before but I found it tonight...



Tagging complete - broken posts

The tagging is now complete - let me know what you think.

Also notice the "broken url or html" tag: These are for posts where the pic doesn't work anymore :( i_iz_norml, I know a lot were yours so please see if they are fixable - to everyone else, please check to see if any are yours and fixable, thank you!

Tags suggestions?

I've been thinking of working on the tags in this community - here are the current tags from the TAGS PAGE:

1 macro - 42 uses
2 to 4 macros - 10 uses
5 to 7 macros - 3 uses
8 plus macros ftw - 13 uses
animated - 2 uses
archive - 9 uses
catnarok - 3 uses
icons - 1 use
links - 4 uses
lolcat language - 2 uses
macro requests - 1 use
may be disturbing - 1 use
mod posts - 6 uses
nws - 1 use
poetry - 1 use

I've put a strike thru tags that I think are lame/not needed.

Here are some tags that I think could be useful:

spin-offs (example: HERE)
Where is your god now (example: HERE)
is watching... (example: HERE)
lolcat bible (example: HERE)

What do you guys think? Any suggestions? Feel free to comment with suggestions and a link to a post that would get that tag if you can :)